NEW ALBUM 1/25/24

"Gianfranco Pescetti has been engineering a sound that hits and connects with its listeners emotionally without the lyrics....His impressive catalog boasts transportation soundscapes that are evocative and equally thrilling. There is just that consistent incursion of melody and rhythm, the inundation of ideas, the rush of emotions, and a stream of excitement, all fused simultaneously without worrying about what particular rules are being broken." KJ / Lyrics and


Rather than conforming to the rigid specifications of a particular genre or technical approach, he finds inspiration in the fluidity of emotions, aiming to create a profoundly personal and evocative sound.His approach to music is steeped in fantasy, emotion, and escapism. In the melody of “The Wake,” the ambiance of nature walks and quiet meditations collide, painting a vivid dreamscape imbued with a haunting nostalgia. One can discern the delicate balance Pescetti maintains between the ambient and the electronic, creating a lush soundscape that echoes with subtle bass grooves, constant dance beats, and sophisticated structures.” - Yotam Dov

We Rave You

“It’s interesting that while Pescetti has removed some elements from his latest work, it seems he’s actually stretching his wings and giving himself more space for playing with sound in his production at the same time. This new work seems to incorporate all Pescetti favorite parts of his previous work whilst moving onwards and upwards.” Layla Marino - YOUREDM